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About Me

Portet of me, Lisanne Bakker

Who am I?

My name is Lisanne Bakker, I was born in Schiedam and I’m currently living in Rotterdam. I’m from the year 1998 and currently 19-years-old.I live with my parents and our 3 dogs, we also have some daycare dogs in our house.

Why photography?

In 2010 our family got our first dog, by then we had a Ultrazoomcamera but it was not doing the job anymore so we switched to a SLR camera from Canon.

Bit by bit I began to expand my intrest en gear, I now have a Canon 700D with a 24-105mm F4 L serie lens form Canon and a 50mm F1.8. In the near future I want a new body but first I’ll have to save some money.

With this I got a bit more into photography, my dad also had a Canon SLR and explained a lot to me. So mainly I took pictures of my dogs and my the vacations.

My Schoolworks

See some of my work made within my school years.

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  • Highlights

    ” A picture captures more than only the light.”

    By Lisanne Bakker