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Lisanne Bakker

About Me

My name is Lisanne Bakker and I was born in 1998. Currently I’m attending the Foto Vak School, school of applied photography.



I’m a all breed showdog handler in the Netherlands and other countries. At home we have a Stabyhoun kennel…



One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I’m currently working by Kynoweb, dog photography, which goes to the dogshows all over the world.


News and other posts

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Serious Request 2017 – Thursday

Photo report of Serious Request Thursday 2017.

Serious Request 2017 – Wednesday

Photo report of Serious Request Wednesday 2017.

Studio with Foppe

Studio session with my dog Foppe at school.

New Website

Because of some pfissing problems at my last website I had to remade my website. Just starting now so it...